Seeking Out a Viable GDPR Compliance Solution

The epidemic of people having their identities stolen because of mishandled personal information from businesses has reach unparalleled levels. People who are extremely careful regarding their personal information often time have their identity stolen, which underscores how much of a problem it has become due to the inability of many companies to protect their customer’s personal data. That is why, in May of 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect for all EU counties. Not only does May 2018 signal the regulations beginning, it’s also the deadline for GDPR compliance.

Time to Comply

This particular regulation was voted on and approved in April of 2016, which has given businesses a lot of time to understand their responsibilities in this matter and enact protocols to allow the businesses to be in compliance ahead of time. However, the GDPR only affects businesses that employ 250 or more employees. Certain business situations may require a great deal of complicated work to come into compliance. As such, it isn’t surprising for a company to be facing the official implementation of GDPR without a great deal to show for their compliance efforts so far.

The Requirements of GDPR

Fortunately, there is a GDPR compliance solution that can work for businesses of all sizes that have either been putting off enacting compliance measures or for businesses that have yet to be successful in complying. There are many facets of GDPR compliance, such as improved security to prevent data breaches, accountability protocols, personal data audits and establishing legitimate reasons for long-term personal data storage.

The Needs are Different for Each Company

The repercussions of identifying these compliance issues and the work needed to bring businesses into compliance can be significant. In addition, these compliance issues are further complicated by the fact that every business is different and the compliance process may be radically different from one business to the next. Fortunately, professional services that offer compliance solutions can overcome these challenges and get businesses of all sizes to be ready for GDPR’s roll out.

If your business is putting the finishing touches on your GDPR compliance process, but you’re having trouble crossing the finish line, or you business is in a mad scramble to make up for lost time, there are options available. With a professional compliance service, your business can be ready for May 2018 regardless of where it is in the compliance process.